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Training Consoles

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The use of cameras and innovative technology for balance and stability training can significantly enhance traditional methods. Lunamind’s conceptual solution combines cameras and advanced technology for whole-body balance and stability exercises.

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Practicing and training eye coordination, right hand / left hand and thinking speed.
Mind acuity is a step-by-step approach to reasoning. The method is a powerful and proven strategy to engage in better decision making. Part reflection, part thinking, part creativity.

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Da Vinchi

Lunaminds Da Vinchi training console training system aimes at improving cognitive abilities such as reaction time, decision-making, and responsiveness. Here's a breakdown and some additional information.

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Data Analysis and Benchmark

During training sessions, lunamind collects performance data from different stations  and analyzing this data for trainees to monitor their progress. Here's a breakdown of the process:

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Lunamind’s Sniper consol training exercise or method aims at improving focus, concentration, and responsiveness, related to visual attention and eye movement. The exercise involves focusing on certain circles while ignoring others, likely to simulate the precision and focus required in activities such as

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