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Increasing brain abilities – lunamind’s vision

Our science

  • Enhanced & innovative tools and methods to enhance cognitive processes.

  • Investigating and refining the integration of AI/ML in constructing a personalized trainer.

  • Continuously advancing studies enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Building NOCODE, and self-building mechanisms for external experts, fostering an ecosystem.

Lunamind design layout – block diagram

Lunamind’s innovative approach combines the physical exercise approach of social environment, commitment and special environment ; GYM, with cognitive training, leveraging AI and machine learning to personalize and optimize the experience. This integration of physical and mental activities can indeed have significant benefits for overall well-being.

Research results

Links & Pointers

A Cognitive Training Program Based on Principles of Brain Plasticity: Results from the Improvement in Memory with Plasticity-based Adaptive Cognitive Training (IMPACT) Study

7 secretes to turbocharge your brain – PHD Sandra bond chapman

Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory.  Susanne Jaeggi 

Why brain training is important -
Brain training is a way of strengthening cognitive skills by improving neural connections in the brain. As you build and strengthen new neural pathways, you improve your brain's ability to process incoming information. The more you practice certain mental tasks, the more you improve

Stay sharp as you age: 7 Brain training tips for older adults -

New study finds exercise, cognitive training combo boosts mental sharpness in seniors

Brain training for seniors

Cognitive Health and Older Adults

The neurotechnological revolution: neurology in the digital age  (Hebrew)

Lunamind – this is how we started. . . initial conceptual solution layout . (we still keep the scratch notebook)

Approaching trainees to a physical location, empowered by social groups and time committed, GYM environment with cognitive exercises.  Motivation through Social Engagement, Incorporating the power of human connection within the gym environment.


Personalization through AI and ML: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enables personalized cognitive training journeys.

Assessment and Progress Tracking: The system offers an initial assessment to determine an individual's baseline cognitive abilities & Tracking progress over time.


Personal Dashboard for Results: Providing users with a personal dashboard to track their training results is a great way to visualize progress.

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