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Seniors BrainGym

Introducing Lunamind Solution, a distinctive methodology focused on enhancing brain capabilities among seniors. Our conceptual approach revolves around continuously monitoring training activities, fostering a holistic perspective, and motivating trainees to persist in their practice, thereby achieving enhanced cognitive performance over time.

This comprehensive solution is rooted in the BrainGym concept, advocating for group participation to create a social training milieu, enabling benchmarking, and fostering internal achievements.

BrainGym - Innovative Cognitive Enhancement Solution


The aim of the BrainGym room is to revolutionize brain capability training by providing a unique and transformative approach to improving various cognitive functions.

Solution Description:

Training Areas (referencing concept floor design)
The floor layout will designate various domains of brain capabilities. Each domain will represent a fundamental brain function. Consoles within each domain area will offer training exercises, display results, and provide explanations pertaining to that specific cognitive ability.
Tailored brain capability enhancement for seniors, based on Creating of a dedicated physical environment, BrainGym room.

In summary

Training cognitive strength in a brain gym setting offers distinct advantages. 

  • Structured Programs: Brain gyms often offer structured programs designed by professionals to target specific cognitive skills like memory, attention, problem-solving, and more. These programs are usually well-rounded and developed with research-based methodologies.

  • Personalized ( to come, AI generated personal Guidance) Trainers or instructors in brain gyms can provide personalized guidance, adapting exercises to an individual's needs and progress. This personalized attention can optimize the training regimen.

  • Social Interaction: Brain gyms might provide a social setting where individuals can engage with others, fostering social interaction and potential support networks. Social engagement is beneficial for mental health and cognitive functioning.

  • Varied Equipment: These facilities may have specialized equipment or tools designed to challenge and stimulate various cognitive functions, offering a diverse range of exercises beyond what mobile apps may offer.

Seniors brainGyM conceptual design layout by Lunamind

Solution Concepts:

  • Personal identification via mobile phone for seamless access

  • Adjustable training levels based on individual or age-specific preferences.

  • Maintenance of personalized training data to enable continuous progress tracking and seamless continuation of sessions

  • Interconnected consoles linked to a web infrastructure for data collection, personalized AI/ML-driven training recommendations, and personalized benchmarks. Aggregation of anonymous individual data for overall benchmarks and ongoing training recommendations

  • Future plans for advanced PRO versions and multi-language support

  • Post-event summaries sent to the phone after each session, detailing outcomes and ongoing recommendations

Lunamind’s areas of brain skills challenge


  • Short and long-term memory

  • Learning and Focus capabilities

  • Decision-making and sharpness

  • Attention enhancement

  • Spatial orientation

  • Balance, motor functionality, and coordination


Each domain area will feature training consoles targeting specific brain functionalities, with each console designed to train multiple capabilities within that domain.

Seniors brainGyM benchmark display; skills, results personal achievements by Lunamind

Data Collection and Analysis

Integral to the platform is the collection, analysis, and presentation of training data. Individual trainee data will be gathered online, analyzed, and summarized for the trainee's perusal.


Additionally, detailed conclusions and training recommendations will be provided, guiding future training activities. An advanced performance timeline demonstrating improvement will also be displayed.

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