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Da Vinchi

Lunaminds Da Vinchi training console training system aimes at improving cognitive abilities such as reaction time, decision-making, and responsiveness. Here's a breakdown and some additional information:

Lunamind’s Training capture: eye-focus-memory training

Training Method

The focus is on measuring and enhancing reaction times, understanding verbal instructions, and adapting to changing visual challenges. This involves presenting different colored objects at varying speeds and requiring both visual and audio-based decisions to be made quickly and accurately.

Visual Challenges: Objects presented in different colors and speeds to create a dynamic visual environment.

Audio Instructions: Voice-based instructions add another layer, requiring participants to comprehend and act upon verbal cues.

Decision-Making: Participants need to respond promptly and accurately to the changing visual and audio stimuli, promoting quick thinking and efficient decision-making.

How It Works

Lunamind’s Training capture: eye-focus-memory training

Tip for Participants:

Attention to Detail: Emphasizing the complexity of the challenges and the need to pay close attention to changing instructions. Encouraging participants to remain focused despite the complications.

Attention Deficit: The concept of attention deficit involves an individual's ability to concentrate on an activity for an extended period. Difficulties in concentration or attention could be due to various reasons, and it can be temporary or persistent, affecting an individual's ability to focus as expected compared to their peers.

Reaction Times: Assessing how swiftly participants respond to stimuli.

Understanding Voice Instructions: Evaluating how well participants comprehend and act upon verbal commands.

Adaptability: Assessing the ability to adapt and respond effectively to changing visual challenges.


The primary goal is to measure and improve

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