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the training method aimed at improving coordination, equilibrium, and mind acuity through a series of exercises involving hand-eye-left-right coordination, thinking speed, and reasoning. The method involves following circles displayed on a screen with hand movements, with changing directions and paces to challenge the trainee's abilities.

Hand-eye Coordination: Practicing hand movements following displayed circles on a screen to improve coordination between hand and eye movements.

Mind Acuity: This seems to involve a step-by-step approach to reasoning, combining reflection, thinking, and creativity to enhance decision-making skills.

Left-right Coordination: Exercises that involve switching between right and left-hand movements, enhancing coordination between both hands.

Measurements: Tracking progress through assessments of hand-eye coordination, left-right coordination, and reaction speed, providing measurable data to gauge improvement.

Thinking Speed: By changing the pace and direction of the circles, the method challenges the trainee's ability to react quickly and think rapidly.

The key components of this training method include:

Training photos capture : right-left-eye coordination training

The "Tip of Champions" suggests continuous movement, emphasizing the importance of persistence and constant engagement in the exercises.

This method integrates physical coordination exercises with cognitive skills training to enhance overall mental agility and decision-making capabilities. It's structured and progressive, incorporating elements of motor skills improvement along with mental acuity.

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