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Our solutions

Lunaminds is shipping out three product lines:

  1. Innovative science museum interactive, futuristic exiting exhibition.

  2. Disruptive approach for senior , training methodology of brain health, via BrainGym. 

  3. Unique individual training consols

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Training Consoles

Lunaminds core technology is presented and activated via training consoles. Each , focuses on different brain capabilities; all interconnected to internal lunamind’s network, and to the dashboard.

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Seniors BrainGym

Lunamind Solution, a pioneering approach to senior cognitive training. Rooted in the BrainGym concept, Lunamind leverages a dedicated facility, innovative technology, and data-driven insights to revolutionize brain capability optimization. 

link to Science museum page

Science museum

The Brainpower Exhibition is an innovative and unique engaging showcase of technology

that merges human cognitive abilities with machine interfaces.

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