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We are a brain-technology company. Our passion is your brain abilities.

We are developing brain empowering innovative technologies.

Using eco-system, brain gym approach powered by ai/ml personal trainer.

Brain Enhancement Company

Tackling  cognitive decline , BrainGym Training by Lunamind

Our goal is, to enable technologies of brain training, to decrease cognitive decline for seniors, maintain and improve their mental abilities as they age. This encompasses preserving memory, thinking skills, and problem-solving capabilities.

The Battle Against Cognitive Decline

Keep your brain young using BrainGym by Lunamind

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Hope you are excited as we are, on this innovative approach for brain improvements training methods.

Did you learn to swim from an app?

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we are all focused and waiting to hear from you.

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Thank you for the opportunity given to us to test our abilities in the third age, to learn and understand things about ourselves that we did not know as well as our limitations, we understood how we can improve the mobility and flexibility of the mind and body, we hope for continued blessed activity in the future.

Shimon Waldman

Thank you for the privilege that I had to be a part of the "brain power" experiment. The tasks were challenging for me. I understood the importance of the research and its results for me. I gained important insights for the future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hana Haddad

I understood the depth of the experiment, I left very encouraged. I received a lot of reinforcement.

Tzipi Raphaeli

Thank you for the initiative for the elderly, the results are very significant for us.

Nava Gir

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